If you make animal feed and you are searching for an intermediary of value who takes charge of:

  • Looking for the product that best adapts to your needs
  • Proposing trustworthy alternatives with guarantees to your recipes
  • Helping yourself to plan the purchases

  • Selecting the suppliers of every ingredient

  • Finding the best partner to commercialize your products

  • Locating new raw materials for your recipes

In summary, if you need a consultant and an adviser who really ADDS VALUE to your brand ,I’m the person you are looking for.

My commitment:

A made-to-measure service for YOUR company, focused on attending YOUR requirements.

I never work with a standardized formula, but I will analyse your needs so that I can offer you what indeed you need.

During my professional career I have worked with all kind of animal feed manufacturers:

  • Petfood
  • Fish farming
  • Animal feed
  • Fertilizers

I know well the specific needs for every sector and I can offer you a success response to make these products.

Raw Materials

  • Animal Proteins (hydrolysates, mix and singles species)

  • Vegetal Proteins (starches, concentrates and hydrolysates)

  • Cereals and Rice

  • By products from bread and bakery

  • Frozen Animal by products (MDM)

  • Vegetal by products

  • Animal Fats

  • Fish and Meat Meals

  • Vegetables Oils

  • Essentials Oils

  • Yeasts and derivates

  • MOS
  • Molasses

  • Lactic

Let’s talk!

You will notice the benefits of working with Sanafeed
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